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Cleaning of laptops

One of the biggest problems for any laptop is the contamination of the cooling system.
Laptops are used in various aggressive environments, dusty areas, they are placed in bed and on other inappropriate places. The cooling system of the laptop sucks up air with dust, dirt, pet hair or hair, which with a thick layer clog the ventilation openings. The normal cooling is violated, the fan starts making noise, the corps heats up, the laptop periodically crashes or starts turning off.

If you respond quickly and clean the cooling system of the laptop, you can avoid future serious damages that will require expensive repairs. For achieving compactness, all the elements in the laptop are located close to each other and with the deterioration of the condition of the heat starts to overheat not only the processor , the video chip, but all components around them. At burning of the video chip is forthcoming expensive and relatively long operation on its replacement.

Cleaning of laptops, especially some of the models is a job that requires experience and skills of disassembly. Without the appropriate tools and instructions for installation - disassembly is not worth trying to clean. In our repair shop it is done professionally and qualitatively.

Cleaning of laptops:
- Disconnect the laptop from the power network and remove the battery, and then partially or completely disassemble to provide an access to the internal components, exclude all the cables and remove the radiators and the ventilation grilles.
- Clean the cooling system boards, the dusty plates, the dirty corps and replace the thermal paste which is linking the chips with the cooling radiators.
- Assemble all parts on their previous places, associate the cables and install radiators and fans.
- After all conducted operations, perform thermal testing of the laptop.
Cleaning of laptops


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