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Computer support

Computer support of working place
In subscription support of computers we perform operative removal of all malfunctions in the computer systems, prophylactic activity and diagnosis of all your equipment.

The subscription support of computers includes routine and emergency visits of a specialist into your office as well as remote administration.
- in planned visit we check all computers for the presence of viruses or technical malfunctions, troubleshooting, installing software, planned upgrading of the equipment and preparation of the computers for subsequent normal operation
- emergency visit we perform the fastest in the event of critical damage by working to complete troubleshooting.

In subscription support of computers we include the following activities:
Maintenance of computers
- Troubleshooting and update
- Installation and update
- Planned prophylactic works
- Advice to customers
- Creation and transfer of work places
- Administration of e-mail boxes

Maintenance of servers
- Administration, monitoring, installation and update of the system software
- Troubleshooting and update
- Planned prophylactic works br>
Maintenance of peripheral devices
- Connecting and setup
- Troubleshooting at a program level
- Interaction with the service center

Provision the efficiency of the network
- Setup and maintenance of the active network equipment
- maintenance of the cable network

The price for subscription support of computer equipment we negotiate according to:
- the number of computers
- the number of servers
- the number of users
- the amount of peripheral equipment
- the amount of active network equipment
- by mode of service - 8/5 or 24/7

Use of subscription services such as servicing and support of computers help you for
- reduced expenses for maintenance of the entire IT-structure in normal operating condition
- providing trouble-free operation of all the equipment
- reducing downtime of the system due to technical malfunctions
- operatively removal of the occured critical damages
- minimizing the risk of the occurrence of failures
- increasing the performance of the system.

Basic prices for computer support:
- price for maintenance of a total 5 computers - 84 lv/month
- price for maintenance of a total form 5 to 10 computers - 120 lv/month
- price for maintenance of more than 10 computers - negotiable.

All prices for subscription support of computers we negotiate individually, depending on the amount of maintained equipment, the types and the quantity of the supported programs, the structure of the local network, numbers of the peripherals, like as a basis we take unit computer with its adjacent periphery.
computer support


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