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UPS repairs

UPS - uninterruptible power system
Typical failures in UPS:
- a little work in an accumulator mode
- turning off in a case of interruption of the external power supply - UPS does not pass in autonomous mode of work
- absence of output voltage when operating in autonomous mode
- problems with the adjustment of the output voltage.

The UPS ceases to operate normally due to a damage of some elements in the electronic circuit or incorrect working accumulator battery.

Replacing the battery of a UPS is not just an action, as it seems at first glance. In most cases, after changing an accumulator battery is required calibration of the system, which is a long process requiring appropriate equipment and special service programs.

Even the cheapest UPS has complicate electronics with microprocessor for supply the computer with smooth and interupted power source.

In these sources are embedded power protection equipment, at working with mains supply and when operating in an emergency mode - instantly switch off when a short circuit in the load, in this case the computer. Automatically the power is turning off and in an exceeding the current consumption by the computer. For these and other deviations from normal operation are provided sound and light indications. Any deviation from the normal work is a malfunction, leading to the need for a repair of UPS.

We perform a repair of UPS, after diagnosis - first we perform a diagnosis, inform which are the causes and what the cost of the repair would be, then the client decides whether to make a repair of the UPS - in some cases the customer prefers to buy a new UPS, instead of repairing the old one.
UPS repairs


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