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Laptop display replacement

The display of the laptop has a special screen which is consisting of a liquid crystal. Replacing a damaged display of a laptop is required for mechanical damage of the matrix. In many of the cases the damage is caused by mechanical deformation or by careless working with the laptop. Often people forget some object put on the keyboard and trying to close the laptop, as a result it turns out with a faulty display. If this happens, you should immediately arrange a replacement of the laptop display, because matrices are not subject to repair.

Afore it was thought that the replacement of a display is impossible and most people when they had a damaged display, they have bought a new laptop. Such repair is now reality - you can just arrange a replacement of a damaged display of the laptop.

Replacement of a laptop display can be performed only in a specialized service centres for laptops. Computer repair shop Aksis - Varna replaces without any problems damaged laptop screen, with a qualitative matrix.

Typical failures of the matrix, requiring replacement of the display:
- if the matrix is damaged, on the surface are visible cracks and black spots from ejection of liquid crystals resembling stains from spilled ink
- when the laptop is turned on and the image is partly - it is missing or is black and white in the damaged areas
- on the screen are visible static vertical stripes with different colors. All of these failures can be eliminated only by replacement of the mold.

- for carrying the laptop use bag with rigid walls to protect the laptop from bumps and knocks
- upon opening the laptop, hold the lid with two hands at the ends or with one in the middle - in this way the screen does not receive overloading, which violates the integrity of the layers and the contacts of the display matrix.
Laptop display replacement


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