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Useful information

Useful information

Like any other techniques the laptop is not insured against damages and at any time can fail a component. However , largely it all depends on how the user uses and cares for his laptop.

Here is some useful information:

1.Cleaning of the laptop
The cooling system of the laptop is one of the most important components of the system as a whole. Its role is to protect the important and expensive chips (processor, chipset, etc.) from overheating. During the process of work on the laptop inevitably are sucked up dust and hairs which for a few months form a wadding , in which the passage of air-blast is very difficult, sometimes impossible. The operating temperatures increase by an average of 15-20 degrees, the fan runs loud, the housing heats , the laptop turns off/restarts. These are signs that must be carried out an internal cleaning - the laptop is disassembled, the cooling system is removed and cleaned, the thermal conductivity paste is replaced.

With us, this procedure takes about 2 hours and the price is 30 lv.

2.Splashes with liquids
Most people think, "This can not happen to me". Yes, and it happens quite often. The result is almost always changing the keyboard and expensive repair of the motherboard. To avoid such problems never place drinks close to your laptop!

3.Often moving of the laptop
When moving the laptop always turn it off because if during work it gets some concussion, flick or vibration often damages the hard drive. The result - loss of photos, documents and other important information and expenses for a new hard drive, and possibly expenses for data recovery.

4.Slow computer
Most often it is due to a non-optimized operating system - a problem with Windows, viruses or overloading due to a large amount of installed software or games.
• Keep an eye on the status of the antivirus program - it should be up to date and running!
• Do not install software that you not know or is of dubious origin!
• Always shut down your computer from the menu "START" because if you disconnect it from the button or from the plug, the hard drive can not finish the work it is doing at the moment and this often leads to the emergence of systemic errors ,violated file chains, bad sectors etc. The consequences are a reboot or crash when turning on and you will have to reinstall your operating system or in the worst case, you may need replacement of the hard drive!
Useful information


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