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Repair of laptop power connector

Power connector of a laptop is the place for plugging the charger to the laptop.

Reasons for faulty power connector of a laptop and possible problems related to them
Malfunction in the power connector of the laptop may occur in the following cases:
- physical impact on the laptop
- incorrect turning on or off of the block adapter to the laptop
- not efficient solder of the connector to the motherboard
- using of non-original adapter for laptop.

Consequently one of the following problems occurs:
- the laptop does not turn on
- some time after turning on, the laptop turns off arbitrarily
- the battery of the laptop is not charging
- it is loading, but only by placing the cable into a certain position
- the point of the connection of the charger to the laptop is heated.

Repair of a power jack of laptop must be performed timely - because of a bad connection binding site of the charger with laptop is heated, which often leads to overheating around it. In most of the laptops the power connector is soldered to the motherboard and its overheating can cause unsticking of the tracks of the plate around the connector or damage the adjacent elements, leading to costly repairs, and sometimes even to a need of replacement of the entire motherboard.

There are cases when due to overheating in the place of connection of the charger to the laptop, the used in the elements plastic mass is melted and the connection is sticky, making it impossible the exclusion of the charger from the laptop. In such cases, do not try by force to disconnect the charger from the laptop, in order not to cause more serious damage.

For repair or replacement of the power connector is necessary completely disassembling the laptop, plus practical skills and tools.
Repair of a power connector


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