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Aksis BG Varna
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Fast, quality, affordable prices
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Computers, laptops

Computer services and repairs.

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TV, monitor

Repair of power supply, mainboard, backlit.

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Game consoles

Quality repair of PlayStation and XBOX

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I got virus in my computer from online movies. A friend of mine recommend Aksis Repair Shop and I am very satisfied of resolving my problem for only 2 hours.


I deleted the folder with all of my pictures by mistake and I got shocked. After searching on internet I found Aksis BG and I am very happy to get all of my pictures back. Big THANK YOU!


I had a problem with my laptop - black screen. It turns out to be problem with video card board. Aksis BG offered me the best price for repair and now I am able to play my games again. Thanks!


Askis BG support our computers in the office sinse 7 years and me and my colegues are very happy, because our problems are solved very quickly and we can count on our computers all the time. I recommend!

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Аксис БГ

Aksis BG started its business in 2004 and already 19 years has been working for you. During this time, we have specialized in the removal of any computer problems - changing display of laptop, notebook cleaning, repairing of motherboards and other components, repairing of monitors, removing viruses and many other software and hardware services.

Aksis BG Varna - We always work as quickly as possible, while offering uncompromising quality of service at competitive prices!

Aksis BG Varna - performs repair of computers and computer components. We offer a full range of computer services.

Computer repair
- Complex diagnosis of a computer
- Selection of optimum computer configurations
- Update - replacement of modules in computers
- Installation and setup of Software
- Installation of virus protection

Computer help
- Installation and setup of all types of programs
- Searching and removing of computer viruses
- Connecting to the Internet
- Recovering data from hard drives

Computer service
- Construction, operation, repair and maintenance of local network and the Internet
- Installation and setup of servers
- Subscription service for computers

Setup of computers
- Setting the basic input-output system for maximum efficiency
- Installing and reinstalling Windows 10, Windows 1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server
- Removing the unnecessary programs with automatically starting for accelerating the loading
- Optimization of the overall system
- Closing some of the ports in order to speed up the work on the Internet's network

Repair of laptops
- Setting up laptops
- Cleaning laptops
- Computer repair shop Aksis performs any kind of repair of laptops
- Installation and setup of programs in laptop

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