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Computer repair shop Aksis

The timely repair of computers helps for preventing unpleasant cases, leading to irreparable damage to the expensive parts and components in computers.

Computer repair shop Aksis performs:
- A visit on site
- A maintenance of computers and peripherals
- Data Recovery, repair of computers and laptops
- Installation of an anti-virus protection, removing viruses, protection against network attacks
- Recovering Windows with storage of all the data
- Installation and setup of licensed programs
- Connecting and setting of ADSL, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, LAN, PPoE, VPN, etc.
- Training for novice users for computer safety and usage of programs.

Computers and accessories:
- Computers, laptops, monitors and peripherals
- Computers for home and office with free delivery, installation and setup
- Diagnostics, repair and modernization of computers.

Computer configurations on demand
Computer repair shop Aksis performs completion and setup of all types of personal computers, according to your individual requirements. Of all computer systems purchased from us, we provide warranty and post-warranty service.

For corporate customers
For all corporate clients of small and medium business, computer repair shop Aksis offers subscription service - it is a complex of services supporting the efficiency of all computers and computer peripherals in the company.
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