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Searching and removing of computer viruses

If you have an Internet access or use disc carriers from various sources, in your system can easily penetrate a computer virus. The consequences of penetration of a computer virus can be very unpleasant - from a general decrease of the system performance to a complete loss of data.
If you suspect that your system has a computer virus, we can easily help you for removing of the existing and for prevention of infection with new viruses.

Typical signs for the presence of computer viruses:
- The computer is running slowly, also the Internet connection is very slow
- Does not perform the set tasks and blocks
- Randomly restart of the computer
- Random reloads
- Changing of the startup page in the browser
- Prohibition for change of the computer settings
- Emergence of error messages

In an attempt of self-removal of a computer virus is possible to destroy important information on your computer. There is also a danger of irreparable damages to the operating system, including leading it to a full incapacity, because most antivirus programs automatically remove not only the viruses, but also the infected files from them.

If your computer or laptop has been infected with a computer virus, or has suffered from a virus attack - call us.

Computer repair shop Aksis Varna can solve any problem related to the information security and to the antivirus protection.
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