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Installing and setup of programs in laptop

The installation of the operating system with its available programs in a laptop is not sufficient to fully exploit it. It is always needed to add at least one of the following programs:

Microsoft Office
The installation of Microsoft Office includes the following applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, FrontPage.

Archiving programs
Archivers - these are programs for data compression. Most files on the Internet are archived and the work with them without a program-archiver is impossible.

Multimedia programs
For watching movies and listening to music are needed multimedia programs. Installation of media-codecs allows reproducing files of various formats.

Setting of a system register
In the register the operating system stores your preferences, settings, installed programs and even remote control. In some cases at occuring problems, as well as automation and fine tuning of the operating system, is needed manually editing of the registry.

Electronic dictionaries
Sometimes it is very important to quickly find the most accurate version of the translation. For this purpose are used the electronic dictionaries.

Installing drivers
Installation and setup of the software needed for the proper functioning of a device with the operating system. Any device that is connected to the computer (camera, printer, TV tuner, etc.) requires to be installed specific software in order to work. This software is called a driver. Drivers are created by the device manufacturer and are provided free of charge to users. If it is not installed the correct driver, the device will not work, and in some cases it is even possible an incorrect driver to damage some of the chips in the device.

Program recordings on CD
The software for recording on CD discs allows to significantly simplify the recording and to create a correct format of the disc.

Internet programs
The programs for using the Internet allow easy web browsing, increasing the speed of loading pages, spam protection, fast downloading of files, working with e-mail...

When for any reason you cannot install the programs in a laptop, we will help you.

Computer repair shop Aksis installs and configures the necessary software for laptop.
Programs in laptop


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