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Choosing optimum computer configurations

Properly selected computer configurations are a prerequisite for productive operation of the computers.
It is often used the term 'ratio price - quality', but for your computer it can also be said price-performance. The higher is the cost of the computer, the faster it performs its assigned tasks.

When choosing computer configurations it must first be determined what tasks will have to perform your computers and only then is selected a configuration that can fully satisfy the requirements, as in the selection it is also considered the best price and quality of the components. When configuring a computer, it is important to know that not all the components are compatible with one another.

If you do not orientate well in the commercially available components for computers, it is best to consult with experts in the industry. Remember that technology improves, as a result of which, in the commercial network constantly appear new components.

Possible computer configurations are divided provisionally into three groups:
- office computers
- home computers
- game computers

Office computers
Equipped with modern components, they can re-create multimedia content (except formats HD), simple games like Tetris, Arkanoid, and other similar to them, work with office suites, and use the Internet. They are characterized by very low cost, due to the saving of everything in the configuration. The most important thing for them is that they do not subject to upgrade - there are motherboards entirely devoid of slot for graphic cards.

Home computers with general purpose
Computers that can perform all the tasks placed on the computers at home conditions except for modern games requiring high resolutions and settings. The main ones are reproduction of multimedia content, including HD formats, work with photos and video filmed by amateurs, photo and video cameras, multimedia conversion from format to format, an ability for playing all the modern games requiring average settings and resolution, as in most cases by adaptation of these settings, they can be raised significantly above the average. This of course is not all - we only mention the most resource-intensive tasks placed to be solved at home conditions.

Game computers
Computers that can perform all the tasks placed to the computers from the previous category, plus the ability to be played the modern games requiring high and ultra-high settings and resolutions.
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