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Repair of TVs

In our TV repair shop, we repair all kinds of LCD and LED TVs.
We remind you that TV repairs should only be carried out by qualified specialists!

Repairing TVs is a complex job that requires the skills of specialists - do not try to repair the damage yourself, because after an unqualified attempt to repair a TV, it becomes extremely difficult to repair the damage even by a specialist.

An unqualified attempt to repair a TV often causes additional damage to the TV, which makes the subsequent service repair more expensive. In some cases, the damage is so big that repairs become financially unprofitable.

Typical damage in a TV - LCD and LED:
- the TV does not turn on - the TV does not turn on if the power supply board is damaged, caused for some reason by a short circuit or damage to the power cable. In order to determine the exact cause of the failure, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics
- stripes on the screen, horizontal, vertical, wide, narrow - broken contacts of the matrix. Except in rare cases, it is not repairable

Characteristic damage in a TV - LCD:
- dark screen, TV inverter failure - TV inverter is one of the most important parts in the system. Provides high voltage to power the lamps that illuminate the screen. Due to the high voltages and heavy duty mode, it is often damaged
- the tv turns on but goes dark after two or three seconds. The inverter protection works - damage to the inverter block or exhausted backlight lamps
- the TV turns off after twenty seconds of operation, and sometimes this time reaches even several hours - a defective lamp for illuminating the screen
- red tint and uneven screen illumination - the display illumination lamps are at the end of their life and need to be replaced with new ones

Replacing lighting lamps when repairing TVs is one of the most time-consuming operations, because it requires a complete disassembly of the matrix. Statistically, in a TV repair shop, about eighty percent of damages are repaired. The remaining twenty percent of damages, due to the high cost of the necessary parts reaching the value of a new TV, are not repaired.

Our TV repair service repairs the fault within two to ten days, depending on the fault, which time includes twenty-four hours of post-repair testing.
Repair of TVs


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